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Friday, 17 April 2015

Travelling Wishes To All Madonna University Students!!!

A loyal DQB reader, who happens to be a student at Madonna University, sent in this email. She composed a tribute to all Students of the Prestigious Madonna University, Nigeria, as they resume from the Easter break. Here it is;

I m just thinking aloud. Thinking of a lot of things at once. The present, past and future. What is most outstanding in my contemplation is my Journey to school.

I happen to be almost on the verge of graduation, a finalist. My campus is basically a science oriented campus, situated in far away Elele, Rivers state. So for the umpteenth, I ll be making my way back to school to finish what I have started.

Like ants, we would throng the airports and bus parks to make it a distance shorter from school. Of course, some would be Chauffeur-driven back to school. But, I still find it puzzling, that there have been no major case of Road Traffic Accident involving Madonnite on any resumption day. Some would say it is coincidence, other may call it 'Luck'. I choose to see it as 'Divine Providence'.

As usual, normal security checks would be done at the gate. Life would then continue according to the programme of the institution. I have a few months to stay, and I m moved to utter a word of prayer to God, for all Madonnites that would be on the Road to school.
Like HE has always done, these past few years of my stay in school, HE would grant all a safe trip back to campus.

I m relieved. I am going back to that institution, that have given me so much. Looking ahead, the future is definitely bright for us all.