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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Patients Love Being The Boss

 Today was quite interesting. The clinic was, as usual busy and uneventful. This was so until a man turned up. His voice reminded of a similar patient that came for a consult and professional care on what he calls 'ever growing mass' on his right fore arm.
Today's patient was similar because both had this strong, hard-to-neglect voice production.

I remembered how he marched into the clinic, apparently healthy, and 'demanded' to see the ranking surgeon on duty. Initially, I thought he was rude and never cared about how others felt. But I got to understand that he was used to giving instructions, and making sure they are carries out to the letter. He is a retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army

But beyond this, most patient expect to be given 100 per cent. You can literally see it in their eyes, or on their body movements. The Colonel was told to wait for his turn by a colleague of mine, and he was disappointed. How were we supposed to have managed this case, if not insisting on 'first come, first serve'.

It is only fair to treat all patients in fairness and equity, and according to the presenting symptom. He thought we would fast track the process, to his favour, because he is Retired military officer.
Doctors and health givers generally, get irritated when a patient tries to be a boss, to the detriment of other patients.

I truly believe that after that 20minutes talk given to the Colonel by our consultant, he would strive to be better.
Healthcare delivery services is for all. Patients must understand that their rights should not infringe on the right of other patients, who wants quality management as well. It does not help when some would try to be a boss, when a little patience would suffice.