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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nurses and Med Students: No love lost!!!

It so happened my discussion group happened to be in a consulting room, taking to pieces And rectal malformations. We would normally meet every other day, save for weekends. Any location we found okay, we turned to our discussion venue. We would normally not seek out a location, to disturb other studious students, nor would we want to overstretch our luck, by using venues, not originally meant for students.

Today was however different. With rays of the sun blazing at a high temperature, we sought the cool, serene ambience of a consulting room. Of course clinic hours were over, since the doctors have seen them all. I particularly suggested that we made use of the room. In my mind, there was no problem if we stay only 2hours.
And so we settled in, and began the business for the day.

After about 45 minutes of our discussion, there was a knock on the door. The nurse on duty stepped in and just started at us. Her face had the expression, 'what in the Lord's name are you doing in here'.
In that was exactly what came out of her mouth. She added, 'you have a second to disappear from this room, Prof Onyedinma's office'.
And she dashed out of the office.

Quietly, we packed our study materials and moved to another venue. As we rounded off our discussions for the day, I asked my colleagues if that was Prof Onyedinma's office. He happened to be the Head of Surgery Department. The answer I got was a big 'NO'.
Then why did that Nurse treat us that way? No answer was forth coming. More and more questions on the incident, and yet no logical answer.

So, we came to a conclusion  that this was just that age long belief that Nurses and Med student can only exist together with skirmishes as the common factor. Or is there more to it?