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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Now The Patient is The Doctor

People sometimes look at a doctor as superhuman. In the eye of the ordinary person on the streets, a doctor is never ever supposed to complain about health issues, especially when that particular health issue is primarily on the doctor. The typical African society abhors the very notion that 'a doctor is ill'. In this alone, is an unwritten taboo.

How can a doctor fall sick? What on earth was he thinking before he came ill? Is it normal for you, a doctor to go under the weather?
These are the kind of questions patients ask when the news is broken that a doctor has fallen I'll. In our clime, it has been elevated to the status of 'breaking news', whenever a doctor reports ill.

Let me the clear. Doctors are first and foremost, HUMANS, before the title- 'Dr', was added to his name. No matter how it may look, the average man should not begin to see Doctors as 'infallable' to disease conditions.

But on the other side of the coin, this status of demi-gods have been encouraged by doctors themselves. The status of 'medical doctor', however elitist and high social standing must not be confused by the average person ams much more by the bearer of such title. A doctor must seek medical attention whenever symptoms arise, from a fellow medical doctor. But would pride or ego allow doctors to do so?

How do explain slumping while doing his rounds, only to be examined and discovered to be hypertensive. Doctors should be taught, to practice whatever they preach and uphold whatever they believe. Doctors are not immune from disease conditions that afflict man. On the contrary, falling sick during care of patients is a common occupational hazard.

Rather than act and pose like demi-gods, throwing caution to wind with respect to the universal precautions, doctors must act in a manner no less than the title allows, and must be the on prompt lookout of symptoms, with the aim of presenting to another doctor for proper care and management.
Take it or leave it; the doctor ends up being a patient.