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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Must Read: A Heart Wrenching Open Letter To Mr President.

Dear DQB readers, this open letter was sent to me by a loyal reader. He said I should make it open and let Nigerians (especially President Jonathan) know how he feels about the Presidential Elections. I m sorry I did not read the email earlier, but here it is. Enjoy.

I am generally known as Spiritus, a final year medical student in a private university here in Nigeria. I write this because I have to.

When u started fighting BH they said you were killing their people, you listened and moved from one dialogue to another, as you did BH grew in strength by the time dialogue was useless you were out of weapons because the people before you did not fill the national armory.

You went for weapons, you were sabotaged, human rights activists here and there. The propagandist who know how difficult international law has made arms purchase criticized you for looking for a shortcut (which even developed nations do). They were advised not to allow students at Chibok for safety reasons, they defied, today d major culprit is contesting elections and they have laid no single blame on him. The arms u purchased now they will use. They accuse u of not finding the girls when even d US could not locate them.

You tried to help Nigerians on d streets they turned it against u and turned shame to an insult on their region. I could go on and on but I will stop for now by stating the latest propaganda against u.

They told us you won't conduct elections, Sir u did and not just an election but the best in the history of Nigeria, they said u won't concede defeat, few hours ago you did, they say you won't handover, it's obvious you will.

 The lies, hate and propaganda worked for them and pitched you against Nigerians. But it is only a matter of time and we will know the real enemies of this country masquerading as saviours.

You are my hero, my President, a democrat and a man after my own heart, my political mentor (humility in government and rule of law were your watchwords)
March on Dr . Jonathan!!! You did not lose rather we lost you!