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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lagos PDP Guber Candidate Comes Down Hard on Oba of Lagos

Oba of Lagos is really trending at the moment but in a negative light. The latest attack for his 'death threat' on Igbos resident in Lagos is from no other than the one for whom the Oba spoke of. Read his statement below

Fellow Lagosians,
*I received the news of Oba Akiolu’s alleged outbursts and veiled threats against the igbos with great consternation, I condemn the high-handedness of the Oba in the STRONGEST terms..
* Lagos is a microcosm of Nigeria and the Igbos remain a crucial partner in its development..

*Akiolu’s statement doesn’t in anyway reflect the thinking in the APC or its govt that have given igbos a fair deal.
* Are you aware that Lagos APC spokesman, Joe Igbokwe is Igbo? Are you aware that the Commissioner of Economic Planning &Budget, Ben Akabueze is igbo? Amongst others..
* Ambode and Agbaje are both Yorubas.. Administrative acumen, cognate experience, financial wizardry should be the KEY parameters with which they should be assessed..
*AMBODE stands tall in all and far above Agbaje whose only speciality is in dispensing drugs!..Lagos is not an hospital or a pharmacy!
* Let’s vote for SYNERGY with the Federal Govt for once to speed up development in Lagos..If we love FASHOLA, then we will TRUST his judgement!
* ‪#‎VoteAmbode4Governor‬ ‪#‎VoteAPC4BetterLagos‬ ..Lets continue with the excellence in governance!