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Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Nurse is a Good Shepherd

Mass is over on this rainy Sunday. I thought it would actually be sunny. I love a sunny Sunday. The congregation, made up of mainly students, for it was a student mass, arrived the church on time and the Priest, decked in that ancient priestly attire, began the mass.

The sermon was truly rich, as he tried to paint whom a true shepherd is. One line that struck me the most was when he said, 'a shepherd nurtures, directs, grooms, and love his flock.' He went on to say that, 'a good shepherd is one who lays down his life for his sheep/flock'.
While he spoke, he would punctuate each major point with a question, 'do we have good shepherd around us today'.

I know his sermon was to ginger us onto being a good shepherd, but I also know that there are good shepherds in the healthcare system.
How do we explain the task of nurse, who cares, who directs, who grooms and nurture all kind of patients from ill health to sound health.

I have a great regard for this breed of healthcare givers because not only are they the owners of the ward, they exhibit the right vibe and disposition that is required for a patient to get well. Nurses would normally say, 'we are the owners of the patient', because of that over riding urge to care for patient. It is just like machine work...

A nurse should be respected, a nurse should not be ignored. Like that Good shepherd, experience has shown that a nurse is more inclined to lay down her life for the good of the patient. It cannot be over emphasised.

Maybe some day, the philosophy of the Good Shepherd would be practised fill in our health system. Health care givers must understand that their profession is a calling!! It is one that requires you put your likes and inclination aside for those of the patient.
We are getting there, but the Nursing profession is truly the beacon of hope in all of these.