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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Health Week: Delta State Set For Event

With event billed to span over a week, the Delta State University Medical Students Association, DUMSA, is set for their annual Health Week; with the theme: Role of Medical Students in improving Community Response To Western Orthodox Medicine.

I hear it promises to be fun, interesting and educating. So if you are a med student in that
university, make yourself available and do have a wonderful health week!!!

WHO: Speaks Tough About Psychiatry

Who would have thought that the World Health Organisation, WHO, would ever stand firm on the side of Psychiatrists after a long while. I m shocked!!!!!!!!!
 I have never seen any WHO tweet mention Psychiatry in such glowing terms....

Death? When Exactly Do We Say Someone is Dead, Science Reveals!!

To declare someone dead, could be a tough call!! Most times doctors depend on their clinical acumen to say if a patient is dead or alive. Some wrong calls have been made in the past, only for the patient to spring out of bed, hale and hearty.   So you can agree with me it could be a hard decision to make, declaring one - dead. Thanks to ever evolving tecnological advancements, this call is made lighter....

Now read about how to exactly declare a patient dead or not.


As a medical student, I strongly support vaccination. It works, it's safe, and it doesn't cause autism. But I also understand why many parents don't believe me and the medical community when we beg them to vaccinate their kids.

Medicine has come a long way from "Do No Harm". Now we talk about risks and benefits: and none of our tests, medicines, or procedures are without risks. Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies have been caught concealing those risks from doctors and the public.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Popular American Blogger Hacked To Death As Wife Looks On

A prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger was hacked to death in the street by militant Muslims after denouncing religious extremism.

Dr Avijit Roy, 42, from Atlanta, Georgia, was jumped by the gang of machete-wielding assailants last night in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh - leaving his injured wife standing over his bleeding body. He is well-known in Bangladesh for for his outspoken atheism.
An obscure militant group, Ansar Bangla 7, claimed responsibility for the attack, which it said was in retaliation for his 'crime against Islam'.

The extremists also said he was singled out because he is a U.S. citizen - and characterized the vicious killing as 'revenge' for attacks on ISIS in Syria.

    Hmmm! More violence day by day. It is very troublesome especially when it comes from your very own folks... RIP Doc.

READ General Buhari’s Full Speech In London

(APC Press Release) – Permit me to start by thanking Chatham House for the invitation to talk about this important topic at this crucial time. When speaking about Nigeria overseas, I normally prefer to be my country’s public relations and marketing officer, extolling her virtues and hoping to attract investments and tourists. But as we all know, Nigeria is now battling with many challenges, and if I refer to them, I do so only to impress on our friends in the United Kingdom that we are quite aware of our shortcomings and are doing our best to address them.
The 2015 general election in Nigeria is generating a lot of interests within and outside the country. This is understandable. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, is at a defining moment, a moment that has great implications beyond the democratic project and beyond the borders of my dear country.
So let me say upfront that the global interest in Nigeria’s landmark election is not misplaced at all and indeed should be commended; for this is an election that has serious import for the world. I urge the international community to continue to focus on Nigeria at this very critical moment. Given increasing global linkages, it is in our collective interests that the postponed elections should hold on the rescheduled dates; that they should be free and fair; that their outcomes should be respected by all parties; and that any form of extension, under whichever guise, is unconstitutional and will not be tolerated.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War, democracy became the dominant and most preferred system of government across the globe. That global transition has been aptly captured as the triumph of democracy and the ‘most pre-eminent political idea of our time.’ On a personal note, the phased end of the USSR was a turning point for me. It convinced me that change can be brought about without firing a single shot.

In the last two decades, democracy has grown strong roots in Africa. Elections, once so rare, are now so commonplace. As at the time I was a military head of state between 1983 and 1985, only four African countries held regular multi-party elections. But the number of electoral democracies in Africa, according to Freedom House, jumped to 10 in 1992/1993 then to 18 in 1994/1995 and to 24 in 2005/2006. According to the New York Times, 42 of the 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa conducted multi-party elections between 1990 and 2002.
The newspaper also reported that between 2000 and 2002, ruling parties in four African countries (Senegal, Mauritius, Ghana and Mali) peacefully handed over power to victorious opposition parties. In addition, the proportion of African countries categorized as not free by Freedom House declined from 59% in 1983 to 35% in 2003. Without doubt, Africa has been part of the current global wave of democratisation.
But the growth of democracy on the continent has been uneven. According to Freedom House, the number of electoral democracies in Africa slipped from 24 in 2007/2008 to 19 in 2011/2012; while the percentage of countries categorised as ‘not free’ assuming for the sake of argument that we accept their definition of “free” increased from 35% in 2003 to 41% in 2013. Also, there have been some reversals at different times in Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania and Togo. We can choose to look at the glass of democracy in Africa as either half full or half empty.
While you can’t have representative democracy without elections, it is equally important to look at the quality of the elections and to remember that mere elections do not democracy make. It is globally agreed that democracy is not an event, but a journey. And that the destination of that journey is democratic consolidation – that state where democracy has become so rooted and so routine and widely accepted by all actors.
With this important destination in mind, it is clear that though many African countries now hold regular elections, very few of them have consolidated the practice of democracy. It is important to also state at this point that just as with elections, a consolidated democracy cannot be an end by itself. I will argue that it is not enough to hold a series of elections or even to peacefully alternate power among parties.
It is much more important that the promise of democracy goes beyond just allowing people to freely choose their leaders. It is much more important that democracy should deliver on the promise of choice, of freedoms, of security of lives and property, of transparency and accountability, of rule of law, of good governance and of shared prosperity. It is very important that the promise embedded in the concept of democracy, the promise of a better life for the generality of the people, is not delivered in the breach.
Now, let me quickly turn to Nigeria. As you all know, Nigeria’s fourth republic is in its 16th year and this general election will be the fifth in a row. This is a major sign of progress for us, given that our first republic lasted five years and three months, the second republic ended after four years and two months and the third republic was a still-birth. However, longevity is not the only reason why everyone is so interested in this election.
The major difference this time around is that for the very first time since transition to civil rule in 1999, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is facing its stiffest opposition so far from our party the All Progressives Congress (APC). We once had about 50 political parties, but with no real competition. Now Nigeria is transitioning from a dominant party system to a competitive electoral polity, which is a major marker on the road to democratic consolidation. As you know, peaceful alternation of power through competitive elections have happened in Ghana, Senegal, Malawi and Mauritius in recent times. The prospects of democratic consolidation in Africa will be further brightened when that eventually happens in Nigeria.
But there are other reasons why Nigerians and the whole world are intensely focused on this year’s elections, chief of which is that the elections are holding in the shadow of huge security, economic and social uncertainties in Africa’s most populous country and largest economy. On insecurity, there is a genuine cause for worry, both within and outside Nigeria. Apart from the civil war era, at no other time in our history has Nigeria been this insecure.
Boko Haram has sadly put Nigeria on the terrorism map, killing more than 13,000 of our nationals, displacing millions internally and externally, and at a time holding on to portions of our territory the size of Belgium. What has been consistently lacking is the required leadership in our battle against insurgency. I, as a retired general and a former head of state, have always known about our soldiers: they are capable, well trained, patriotic, brave and always ready to do their duty in the service of our country.
You all can bear witness to the gallant role of our military in Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Darfur and in many other peacekeeping operations in several parts of the world. But in the matter of this insurgency, our soldiers have neither received the necessary support nor the required incentives to tackle this problem. The government has also failed in any effort towards a multi-dimensional response to this problem leading to a situation in which we have now become dependent on our neighbours to come to our rescue.
Let me assure you that if I am elected president, the world will have no cause to worry about Nigeria as it has had to recently; that Nigeria will return to its stabilizing role in West Africa; and that no inch of Nigerian territory will ever be lost to the enemy because we will pay special attention to the welfare of our soldiers in and out of service, we will give them adequate and modern arms and ammunitions to work with, we will improve intelligence gathering and border controls to choke Boko Haram’s financial and equipment channels, we will be tough on terrorism and tough on its root causes by initiating a comprehensive economic development plan promoting infrastructural development, job creation, agriculture and industry in the affected areas. We will always act on time and not allow problems to irresponsibly fester, and I, Muhammadu Buhari, will always lead from the front and return Nigeria to its leadership role in regional and international efforts to combat terrorism.
On the economy, the fall in prices of oil has brought our economic and social stress into full relief. After the rebasing exercise in April 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy. Our GDP is now valued at $510 billion and our economy rated 26th in the world. Also on the bright side, inflation has been kept at single digit for a while and our economy has grown at an average of 7% for about a decade.
But it is more of paper growth, a growth that, on account of mismanagement, profligacy and corruption, has not translated to human development or shared prosperity. A development economist once said three questions should be asked about a country’s development: one, what is happening to poverty? Two, what is happening to unemployment? And three, what is happening to inequality?
The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery.
Even by official figures, 33.1% of Nigerians live in extreme poverty. That’s at almost 60 million, almost the population of the United Kingdom. There is also the unemployment crisis simmering beneath the surface, ready to explode at the slightest stress, with officially 23.9% of our adult population and almost 60% of our youth unemployed. We also have one of the highest rates of inequalities in the world.
With all these, it is not surprising that our performance on most governance and development indicators (like Mo Ibrahim Index on African Governance and UNDP’s Human Development Index.) are unflattering. With fall in the prices of oil, which accounts for more than 70% of government revenues, and lack of savings from more than a decade of oil boom, the poor will be disproportionately impacted.
In the face of dwindling revenues, a good place to start the repositioning of Nigeria’s economy is to swiftly tackle two ills that have ballooned under the present administration: waste and corruption. And in doing this, I will, if elected, lead the way, with the force of personal example.
On corruption, there will be no confusion as to where I stand. Corruption will have no place and the corrupt will not be appointed into my administration. First and foremost, we will plug the holes in the budgetary process. Revenue producing entities such as NNPC and Customs and Excise will have one set of books only. Their revenues will be publicly disclosed and regularly audited. The institutions of state dedicated to fighting corruption will be given independence and prosecutorial authority without political interference.
But I must emphasise that any war waged on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch-hunt. I’m running for President to lead Nigeria to prosperity and not adversity.
In reforming the economy, we will use savings that arise from blocking these leakages and the proceeds recovered from corruption to fund our party’s social investments programmes in education, health, and safety nets such as free school meals for children, emergency public works for unemployed youth and pensions for the elderly.
As a progressive party, we must reform our political economy to unleash the pent-up ingenuity and productivity of the Nigerian people thus freeing them from the curse of poverty. We will run a private sector-led economy but maintain an active role for government through strong regulatory oversight and deliberate interventions and incentives to diversify the base of our economy, strengthen productive sectors, improve the productive capacities of our people and create jobs for our teeming youths.
In short, we will run a functional economy driven by a worldview that sees growth not as an end by itself, but as a tool to create a society that works for all, rich and poor alike. On March 28, Nigeria has a decision to make. To vote for the continuity of failure or to elect progressive change. I believe the people will choose wisely.
In sum, I think that given its strategic importance, Nigeria can trigger a wave of democratic consolidation in Africa. But as a starting point we need to get this critical election right by ensuring that they go ahead, and depriving those who want to scuttle it the benefit of derailing our fledgling democracy. That way, we will all see democracy and democratic consolidation as tools for solving pressing problems in a sustainable way, not as ends in themselves.
Permit me to close this discussion on a personal note. I have heard and read references to me as a former dictator in many respected British newspapers including the well regarded Economist. Let me say without sounding defensive that dictatorship goes with military rule, though some might be less dictatorial than others. I take responsibility for whatever happened under my watch.
I cannot change the past. But I can change the present and the future. So before you is a former military ruler and a converted democrat who is ready to operate under democratic norms and is subjecting himself to the rigours of democratic elections for the fourth time.

  1. You may ask: why is he doing this? This is a question I ask myself all the time too. And here is my humble answer: because the work of making Nigeria great is not yet done, because I still believe that change is possible, this time through the ballot, and most importantly, because I still have the capacity and the passion to dream and work for a Nigeria that will be respected again in the comity of nations and that all Nigerians will be proud of.

Corpse of kidnapped medical doctor found in Port Harcourt

PORT HARCOURT—Rivers State Police Command, yesterday, confirmed the discovery of the corpse of Dr. Samson Okpara, who was kidnapped last week in a cassava farm at Borokiri area of Port Harcourt.
State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ahmad Muhammad, who confirmed the discovery to Vanguard, said the corpse had since been moved to a morgue.
He said two other doctors kidnapped at separate times in the state had been released.

Ebonyi House of Assembly members serve Governor impeachment letter

Members of the Ebonyi state house of Assembly this morning served an impeachment notice on the state Governor, Martin Elechi over allegations of gross misconduct, financial impropriety as well as undermining the integrity of the House members. At their plenary session this morning, the acting leader of the House, Hon. Francis Nwifruru read the impeachment notification to his colleagues.

More details later.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

HIV Prevention Pills: Effective When Taken Before and After Risky Sex.

Humans love to take risks. In business-growth and progress or in decision making process, risk abounds. In health, some unwarranted risk may prop up to our surprise. This is particularly true for the HIV/AIDS disease.
Prevention has remained the main therapeutic tool in curbing AIDS.Now there is good news. The good news lies in Truvuda, a HIV prevention pill. In this pill lies the hope that we can prevent new cases of HIV/AIDS arising.

 Read a study as published by Medical Daily.


Have you ever noticed that tears flow out of your eyes at instances outside when you are really crying. In cold weather or in a chilly breeze or even when you yawn, tear drops flow out of your eyes. Its no magic!!! Science have got the answer...

WHO: Aim Is To Unite All Sectors

The WHO tweet is the exact summary of my community medicine lecture today!!! As if they be spying on us during the lecture.

All sectors, either directly related to tweet or indirectly related, must synchronise to avail patients that optimum and timely care required... Anything short of this tweet is questionable.

LUTH Doctors Protests Non Payment of 7-Month Salary

The Association of Resident Doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest over the non-payment of their outstanding seven months salaries.
The doctors, who were dressed in their medical kits, went round the hospital complex chanting various anti-management songs.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nine New Private Universities Approved.... FG

Good News for Students!!.... No excuse to be a JAMBITE indefinitely...

The Federal Executive Council on Wednesday approved nine new private universities for the country. 
The approval was given at a meeting presided over by Vice President Namadi Sambo.
Minister of Aviation, Mr. Osita Chidoka, announced the decision at a post-FEC press briefing. 
The new private universities, according to Chidoka, include Hallmark University, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Kings University, Mountain Top University, Augustine University, Chrisland University and Summit University among others.

Rush ooo... more opportunity now available

Woow!!! See Two Ladies Who Share A Body!

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins from Minnesota. Being conjoined, they have had many struggles throughout their lives.Soon after they were born, doctors gave their parents the bad news, the girls would not survive long.

The girls are now 25 years old and are featured in a show, titled: Abby and Brittany, which will show viewers how their every days lives are.

World Condom Day: Foundation Set To Distribute 145, 000 Condoms

ABUJA- Ahead of this year’s World Condom Day, the AIDS Health Care Foundation(AHF), an NGO, says it will distribute 145,000 condoms in four states in North Central Nigeria.

The Advocacy Manager of the group, Mrs. Oluwakemi Gbadamosi, disclosed this in an interview with newsmen  in Abuja.
She said that the distribution of the condoms as well as other activities lined up for this year’s occasion would help increase awareness on condom use and its role in preventing HIV/AIDS.

She said that interested persons in Abuja, Nasarawa, Benue and Kogi states would be provided with the commodity.

Gbadamosi said the activities lined up for this year’s celebration were in consonance with the theme for this year, which is “Condoms are Cool’’.

Gbadamosi said the theme was chosen to emphasise the importance of condoms and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

New Study: Weed is 114 times safer than alcohol

A new study confirms what supporters of marijuana legalization have been saying all along: Marijuana is far safer than alcohol, and should be regulated as such.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hanks Anuku, Actor, Denies Being HIV Positive...

Popular Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku has denied viral report of him being HIV positive and infecting his wife .The actor who has since relocated to Ghana to the NET, he is absolutely HIV free
‘I think it’s just a malicious rumour being spread around and it’s definitely fueled by a lot of pain and jealousy, which explains why it has been so embellished with such fallacies. My wife called me and we’ve spoken about this. She’s a very calm person, and I’m so proud because we understand each other. We know the story is false, and she’s taking it so lightly but it hurts. I’ve never had any such sexcapades in my life; I don’t even hang out with women like that. People that know me will attest to the fact that I have principles and I have self-control when it comes to women. So, I don’t have H.I.V or any infection of any kind,’

Ogun PDP Demands Medical Examination Of General Buhari

The Ogun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) campaign organisation on Monday, February 23, 2015 challenged the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari to a thorough medical examination.
The group said it was important to carry out a medical examination of his state of mind and physical health in court, as the issue of his health has been in the media for quite a while,
Issuing a statement to the effect was its Director of Media and Publicity, Steve Oliyide, who said General Buhari needs to come out and make Nigerians know if he is capable of functioning as Nigeria’s president.
The Ogun PDP said it had noticed “with dismay the secrecy with which the real health status of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari is shrouded.
 The statement further has it that: “It is even more worrisome that in spite of the embarrassment the nation recently suffered with the Yar’Adua saga, the APC that is busy hallucinating about taking over power at the center has not found it expedient to come straight on this germane matter.
“First, as Nigerians, we feel concerned about the well-being of our fellow citizen and more about a man who had served this country in the army but history as taught us that the presidential position comes with lots of physical challenge and huge mental demand, and as such a proposed occupant of such position must be at least 90 percent healthy and of a very sound mind.”
“We love General Buhari and we will not stands idle to watch some greedy, self-centered and selfish politicians push such man around all in the process of actualising their egocentric lust for power. We will not also fold our hands and allow these few take the already progressing country into constitutional crisis and needless doctrine of necessity.
“We therefore condemn in strong terms the continuous surreptitious positioning of the All Progressive Congress (APC) on the true state of health of its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.
“In light of these and in conformity with Section 137 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), we hereby wish to make public of our resolve to challenge the state of mind and physical health of General Buhari in a competent court of law and demand that a thorough medical examination be carried out on him to ascertain if he is capable of holding the highest office in the land in line with the provisions of the constitution.”


We live in a world where little, glowing screens provide us with virtually limitless information. For many, smartphones are an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family or squeeze in that last email on the train ride home from work.

But for those who addictively check their tiny tech, a digital detox may be just the thing to reconnect to the real world. While it may sound a bit far fetched, smartphone addiction is a real condition that can lead to mounting stress and can even harm one’s health.

Sue Ratcliffe, spokesperson at alldayPA, a company that takes over your digital life for a small fee, says a digital detox is the best to way cure the addiction.“Digital Detox is the answer,” said Ratcliffe.
         “It will break the cycle of dependency, allowing even the busiest person to leave the mobile behind and focus on the task at hand or even enjoy a restful, communication-free break without worrying about missed calls or messages.”

Reuben Singh, from alldayPA, says most people who obsessively check their smartphones are aware of their addiction, yet are unable to do anything to stop the problem.

"A survey we did recently showed that 70% of people who have a smartphone actually say they use it for an unhealthy number of hours a day so they are aware that it is getting to an obsession,” said Singh?

"And then 63% of those people who use the smartphone and know it is unhealthy are saying they know what the cure is: ‘If we just had somebody to manage it for us.’

"As the rate of technology increases almost logarithmically we will continue to be inundated with cutting-edge devices, which will bring with them an even greater temptation for those with a digital addiction. If you find yourself unable to turn off your device or not check social media, maybe a digital detox will help get you back on track.

Culled from The Fix.

Zimbabwe's First Family Still In Troubled Waters

Mr Mugabe remains a controversial figure in African and international politics owing to his refusal to relinquish the drivers’ seat of his country after more than three decades of his presidency. Last weekend, he clocked 91, attracting the praise and solidarity of some and the disdain of others.VENTURES AFRICA – In what came as a shocker to many, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe emerged Chair of the African Union (AU) at its last annual summit less than a month ago. Hopes had emerged that, based on the significance of his new office – which he juggles with the presidency of his country and the Chairmanship of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) – the European Union (EU) would lift previous travel sanctions imposed on him and his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe. But reports have suggested the exact opposite.

The EU has renewed sanctions levied on the Mugabe family for another year, a move that can potentially destroy the rekindling of a relationship that was brewing between Zimbabwe and the bloc. According to a recent notice in the EU’s official journal, the decision, which was arrived at after “taking into account political developments in Zimbabwe,” would be maintained until 20th February, 2016.

The application of the travel ban and asset freeze should be maintained for two persons and one entity. The suspension shall be reviewed every three months. This decision shall be kept under constant review and shall be extended, or amended as appropriate, if the council deems that its objectives have not been met,” the notice read.

Excerpt Emmanuel Iruobe On Ventures Aftica

Cortical 'Modem' Inplants To Give You Terminator Vision - Scientist Proposes

For your sight to be like terminator's sight, you just have to pay a token. Technological advancement is nudging further beyond all imaginable limits. Read the latest as written by Rich Tremholm for CNET.

Forget HoloLens, forget smart glasses and forget augmented reality -- scientists have proposed a "cortical modem" that plugs into your DNA and your visual cortex to cure sight loss and show a heads-up display in front of your very eyes.

Liberia To End Ebola Curfew

VENTURES AFRICA – Liberia will end the curfew that was necessitated by the Ebola epidemic and open up closed intra-city borders, President Ellen Johnson SirLeaf has ordered.
    “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has ordered the lifting of the curfew imposed nationwide. It takes effect beginning Sunday, February 22, 2015,” a statement on the country’s presidency website read.
Liberia, along with Guinea and Sierra Leone, make up the three worst-hit countries by a disease that has killed more than 9000 West Africans and led the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a global health emergency.
    However, since the turn of the year positive signs that the epidemic could be nearing its end are becoming visible. Earlier this month, all three badly hit countries revealed a 60 days target of no new Ebola cases.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Turkish Men Are Wearing Miniskirts to Fight For Women’s Rights

Turkey Protest
Emrah Gurel—APSome men wear skirts to show solidarity with women who have been protesting against violence against women since the recent murder of Ozgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old woman, during a march in Istanbul on Feb. 21, 2015.

They launched an online protest following the murder of a 20-year-old student

Men throughout Turkey and neighboring Azerbaijan aredonning miniskirts to honor Ă–zgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old student who was allegedly murdered after fighting off a sexual assault by a minibus driver.
After Aslan’s burned body was found by a riverbed, the BBC reports, young people in Turkey were galvanized to protest violence against women. And these protests took place both on the streets and on the Internet

Energy Drink and Booze: A Dangerous Mixture..

Students love to experiment. I was among friends recently and we were chilling with a few bottle of drinks, including alcohol, energy drinks, soft drink. It was a case of make your choice. Some stuck to soft drink, others went for a mixture of energy drink and alcohol. I thought it was unhealthy but i had no proof. Here is proof!!

USMLE: Innervation Of Diaphragm

Diaphragm is our topic today.
Now innervation of the diaphragm is by C3, C4, C5, all are from the brachial plexus.
This is directly related to respiration of individuals.

Sad!! Robber Kill 23 year old in front of family...

Twenty-three-year-old Temitope Ogunleye was a beacon of hope to his aging father, identified simply as Mr. Ogunleye and the principal of EDU High School in Erio community, Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State. He was the bright future the family was hoping for until the early hours of last Monday when he was callously shot dead in the presence of his father, mother and younger sister, Yetunde, in their home at Ado Ekiti by suspected armed robbers.

However, before they shot the NDII Accountancy student, the gang of robbers, said to have been about a dozen in number, had attacked homes in the Olorunda Zone 4 area, especially the neighbours of the Ogunleyes, including a 55-year-old retiree and widow, Mrs Titilade Oriire.
Oriire, while narrating her ordeal to newsmen, said the robbers had stormed the neighbourhood at about 1:30am, banged on her door and ordered her to open the door or face “the ugly consequences of disobeying them.”

       She said the three houses in the compound numbered 3, 4 and 5 seem to have been marked by the robbers. They were shouting as they compelled her to open the door, threatening the widow with death.

“They were hitting the front and back doors with stones. They had broken into two groups.While some of them were making their efforts to break in through the back door, the other group was at the front door.”

      She said “the robbers destroyed the front door, shot into the air to emphasise their seriousness and threatened to kill me. But when I raised my voice that I am a widow and that I have nothing, they decided to leave me and turned to the Ogunleye’s house.”

Yetunde Ogunleye, the younger sister of the slain Temitope, recounted her ordeal, saying “they came to the house before 2am and were shooting indiscriminately.”According to her, only four of them were at home when the bandits came. That included her late brother, mother and father, who was beaten mercilessly and was inflicted with machete wounds.

      She said: “We had earlier heard the noise coming from the home of Mrs Oriire, which sent a signal to us that robbers were on rampage. But minutes later they came to our house, peeped through the windows and threatened that we should open the door or face the dire consequences.

She lamented that they sounded as a group of people with very vile temper and were unabashed in their threats “to kill all of us in the house.”

       "They broke the glass on the window in front of the house and illumuinated the living room with their torches. Shortly after, they started shooting incessantly when we didn’t open the door on time. They had slipped their hands through the broken window.“

It was at this time that I ran inside to tell my father. He then instructed us to shout and we did so. Temitope was hit in the stomach while the shooting lasted and was in a pool of his blood. At this point, the robbers had already entered our parlour and were beating my mother. In fact, when they sighted my father, they beat him and left him for dead before they left the neighbourhood.”

She said Temitope and Mr Ogunleye were later rushed to the hospital by neighbours after the robbers had left. Mr Ogunleye, they said, is out of coma and is now in a critical condition in an undisclosed hospital in the state capital.

"He has not been told of the death of Temitope. We don’t know how to break the news to him because each time he regains consciousness, he keeps asking after him, but we keep telling him that he is in the hospital,”

Culled from Nigerian Tribune

I Am Confused. What should Be My Next Step!!!

Goodmorning! I got speaking to a very loyal DQB reader, Kingsley (not real name) and he told me this sad story he is currently going through.

USMLE: Cool Codes about Diaphragmatic Apertures

Sweet and cool codes for all students of anatomy and surgery. This USMLE have a way of
twisting medical complexities into simple stuff!!!

AMLSN: 2015 Calender Activity

The umbrella body for Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria, Association Of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria, has released her time table of activities for 2015.

Makes a whole lot of sense for professional bodies to keep her members abreast of activities for any given year. Successful outing AMLSN!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pregnancy and Being Fit

Designer Yvonne Nelson true have a toned ab.
But is it possible for a nursing mother to retain this toned abs after putting to bed.
Just my thoughts tho!!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pencil Jean: Health Implications

It comes in different names; pencil jeans, skinny jeans, tight jeans; whatever name you know it as, I believe the short and long term effects of wearing pencil jeans, could be more than we bargained for.
It seems to be the reigning design. Thigh hugging jeans have taken roots even in the minds of the young or old. It makes one look 'sharp' and 'smart'. But do you know the complications that may arise from such outfits? See what the experts have to say;

Friday, 20 February 2015

Safe School Initiative Receives Boost In Nigeria

The United States of America (USA) has donated $2 million to support the Safe School Initiative in Nigeria.
The USA donated the money Thursday into the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) set up by the United Nations (UN) to support the Safe Schools Initiative (SSI).
The project is aimed at meeting the education needs of thousands of children affected by the on-going conflict in Northeast states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.
With this donation, proceeds into the MDTF has risen to $4 million, this is aside from the $10 million (about N1.6 bilion) Safe Schools Initiative Trust Fund residing in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to help rehabilitate and provide security for schools in Northern part of the country following the abduction of female students at Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok Borno state.
Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and United States (US) Ambassador to Nigeria James F. Entwistle jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the transfer of the $2million donated by US government to support Nigeria’s safe school initiative yesterday in Abuja.
Speaking yesterday when she received US Ambassador, USAID officials and UNDP country Representative in Nigeria, Dauda Toure for the MOU agreement, Okonjo-Iweala noted that “since the lunch, we have built strong partnerships with governments, donor agencies, and the private sector on the SSI. We set up a trust fund domiciled at the CBN in to which the contribution of $10 million (about N1.6 billion) was paid. We have also received donations of 2 million Euro from Germany, and will shortly receive a grant of $1 million from the African Development Bank in to the fund. Other donors include, Norway $1.5 million (given through UNICEF), UK 1m pounds in technical assistance, and $10 million pledged by a collation of Nigerian Business leaders."
To complement the funds, the minister stated that a separate fund- "the Multi Donor Trust Fund was set up within the UN system through Gordon Brown’s effort to support the intuitive, this MDTF which recently became operational is being managed by UNDP, UNICEF, and UNOPS and will harness donations from other governments, donor agencies, international NGOs and global corporates and will co-finance projects and programs of the SSI alongside the Nigerian fund”.
Okonjo-Iweala while giving an update on the SSI, disclosed that government was planning to provide full scholarships for 2,400 school children from Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states to be transferred to 43 Federal Unity Colleges across the country to continue their education.
According to Okonjo-Iweala, “that process is now in full swing. After receiving counseling, the first batch of about 1,007 students are now in schools, and others are on their way. The parents will receive a grant that will enable them visit their children in school, while the pupils will also receive grants to ensure that they can go home when school closes. About 44 school children from Chibok will be among those in the second batch, which we are currently processing."
In his remark, the US Ambassador to Nigeria James F. Entwistle said US was proud to support SSI scheme, adding that "the US government is proud to support this initiative of Nigeria’s children who have been affected by the insurgency so that they do not see their hopes for education sacrificed."
The Safe School Initiative was conceived after the abduction of over 200 female students of Government Girls Secondary School Chibok Borno state by the Islamic fundamentalists group, Boko-Harram. The attacks affected enrolment of children particularly female children into schools in northern Nigeria.

Gates Foundation: AIDS Is The Leading Cause Of Adolescent Deaths

The Gates Foundation declared via its tweet that the leading cause of adolescent deaths are complications arising from AIDS. This is a major shift in what was generally believed to be the major cause of Adolescent deaths in Africa, Road Traffic Accidents!!!

See the tweet that is shaking the whole of Africa:
Is it truly AIDS related complications or Road traffic accidents? What is your opinion?!!

Madonna Student Reps Plateau!!!

The Mr Ideal 2015 is getting hotter ooo and Mr Plateau is from the prestigious Madonna University.
DQB exclusively brought to you, the profile of Mr Plateau. Read about Mr Plateau Here..

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS); Preventive Message

This is a Public Announcement;

Preventive Measures Against MERS:
Abide strictly to this for it is the only and surest way to protect and prevent the spread of MERS!
Let's pay a little more attention!!!

WHO: Tropical Diseases, No Longer Tropical Indeed

In medical school, we were taught that there are some diseases peculiar to the tropics.
The tropics is a geographical region as delineated by latitudes and longitudes. Generally, sub saharan Africa falls within this region, same for some Asian and South American countries.

In the past, some diseases seen and reported, predominantly in this region, were called Tropical Disease. But at the moment, tropical disease do not seem to be strictly tropical any longer. The World Health Organisation (WHO), agrees with this position in this tweet;
Oh my!! We need to pay more attention!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 2015 - Smile For Life

FDI World Dental Federation is today launching the World Oral Health Day 2015 (WOHD 2015) ‘Smile for life’ campaign to remind people everywhere about the importance of looking after their teeth and gums. – See more at:

World Oral Health Day is celebrated throughout the world on 20th March each year with a wide range of awareness-raising activities organized by dentists, dental students, National Dental Associations (NDAs) and corporate partners. – See more at:

Quote Of Day: President Barack Obama On ISIS

"The full force of The United States will be used to defeat ISIS" - President Obama
This is NEWS... but my advice to these terrorist is simple "Hide or run, big brother is HERE"

OFFICIAL: Nigeria Medical Association and Recognised Affliated Bodies

The Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, is the official association for both medical and dental practitioners in the country.
So imagine my surprise today as a transited from my house to the island on the public buses, when i heard some concerned Nigerians discuss the health situation in the country. They listed all sorts of bodies as bodies as being affliated to the NMA.

The following are bodies affliated to NMA and published on the official site of the association;
- Nigerian Dental Association
- Medical Women Association of Nigeria
- National Association Of Resident Doctors
- Medical And Dental Consultant Association of Nigeria
- National Association of Doctors in University Health Services
- National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners

Now you know!!!

SCIENCE: Why Weed Makes You Super Hungry

Finally, science has discovered why marijuana gives people the munchies.
Potheads and doctors have known for a long time that smoking weed increases appetite, said Tamas Horvath, a neurobiologist at Yale University School of Medicine. But how does a drug make people ravenously hungry?
“What drives that, nobody has ever really known. We accidentally bumped into that,” Horvath told The Washington Post.

Doctors Begins 3-Days Warning Strike.

Doctors in Lagos state have embarked on a three-day warning strike in protest over the non-payment of their salaries.
The strike began at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, February 18, and will end at 8:00 AM on Saturday, 21.
The latest industrial action affects public sector doctors in the state under the umbrella of the Medical Guild.
The strike was announced by the Chairman of the guild, Biyi Kufo who said via a statement that the doctors were forced to take the action after several ultimatums and notices sent to the state government yielded no positive results.

Moving on......
In a related news, Gov Fashola of Lagos State has urged medical and health workers in the state against going on incessant strike actions. He was speaking at the 2015 State Council of Health Meeting held in Lagos yesterday. He harped on the crucial role of medical workers. In his words;

    “Doctors, physicians are the only set of people who ask me to take off my cloth. They are the only one who can tell me never to go out and I won’t. If you commit adultery and you don’t want to tell anyone, you must confess to the physicians. ‎The reason you must tell them is for the diseases not to become epidemic.”

Also at the event was Commissioner for Health, Lagos State, Dr Jide Idris. He spoke on the strides made by the state government especially with respect to the partnerships with the private sector.

How To Cure Tooth Aches...

This post is to find out what we would do if or whenever we have toothache.
Since traditional medicine has found thesame ground with orthodox (or modern day) medicine, you could as well, send in tried and tested methods of curing toothaches.

Booty Everywhere: Meet Woman With World Largest Bum Bum

She has been described as the woman with “the world’s biggest bottom.”
Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, is 5 ft 4 inches tall , weighs 109.5 kg, and has a 40-inch waist.Daily Mail says “with a bumper backside that measures 8ft around, Ruffinelli is the owner of a bottom that is large enough to make even Kim Kardashian‘s pale in comparison.”
The Los Angeles native who is a mother of four, says she is in top shape, and that women envy her body.
“I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes. I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure,” she said.
Rufinelli will be featured in a new documentary titled, World’s Biggest Hips.
front and back
Photo Credit: Daily Mail/BarCroft U/BarCroft Media/Laurentiu Garofeanu

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Balancing On One Feet Shows How Healthy You Are!!!

Test your balance 

So, how good is your balance? To find out, take this test, based on a U.S. study published in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy.

The researchers measured how long, on average, different age groups could balance on one leg for in order to establish what might be considered 'normal'.

BREAKING NEWS: APC Rally Under Attack

All Progressive Congress Rally in Rivers State is been over run by gun men.
Governorship candidate of the APC in Rivers, Dr Dakuku Peterside, was whisked away by security operatives.
3 seperate explosions rocked a school close to the rally ground just before the gunmen started having a field day.
As at the time of writing this, no causalty was ascertained.... details soon!!!

Largest Hospital For Birds - Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Culled From Dailymail

Choi ooo... This is the height of it. Come see a large facility for birds.
The bird that is receiving so much attention in the middle east is not even the Eagle but the FALCON

The falcon is very much revered in the United Arab Emirate and the surrounding gulf regions including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. The falconry is part of the rite of passage for young Emirate men.

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital was established in 1999 as a facility for only falcons but transitioned into treating all birds and poultry in 2006. It is now a major tourist site in the Abu Dhabi Emirate having treated over 67000 birds since inception. The hospital treats about 9000 birds annually.

The hospital offers a range of services via specialised centres and units including, an intensive care unit, breeding centres, quarantine centres, air conditioned rooms to rest. It even have Xray departments and ophthalmology departments for the up-keep of the falcons.
A falcon owner waits patiently to check-in his bird
Falcons can go for thousands of pounds in the Middle East. They are actually status symbols in this region. I wonder what hospitals for humans will look like.

Saving Tiny Hearts

I saw this beautiful piece about saving hearts on
Do enjoy the article!!!

Did you know 1 in 125 babies in the US is born with a congenital heart defect? It is the most common birth defect and occurs more often than spina bifida, Down syndrome and hearing loss.

According to Little Hearts, Inc., a national organization dedicated to providing support and education about this issue, congenital heart defects take the lives of twice as many children as childhood cancer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in every 4 babies born with a heart defect has a critical congenital heart defect. Babies with a critical congenital heart defect need surgery or other procedures during their first year of life.

The CDC says that, typically, these types of heart defects lead to low levels of oxygen in newborns and may be identified using pulse oximetry screening at least 24 hours after birth. Doctors at St. David's Women's Center of Texas in Austin and other hospitals have implemented this special screening for every newborn delivered in the hospital.

In an interview with dailyRx News, Annette S. McCormick, medical director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. David's Women's Center of Texas in Austin, said this screening is the first step toward identifying any problems. If a child's oxygen levels fail this screening, he or she is then referred to a pediatric cardiologist for an echocardiogram — which uses ultrasound waves to produce an image of the heart.

The tiny hearts do stand a better chance after a repair and usually the first expert to recognise the condition is the Paediatrician. A diagnosis is usually made after the paediatric cardiologist have concluded the echocardiogram.

USMLE: Causes of Hematuria

Hematuria is simply the passage of blood in urine.
It could be Initial, Terminal or Complete.
I saw a USMLE tweet with a easy way to remember the causes;

Monday, 16 February 2015

FRSC counsels on over speeding

I saw this on the Federal Road Safety Corps facebook page. They had to give the mathematical permutations to overspeeding and the resultant accidents or death that occurs.
I think the maths holds water...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Quote Of The Day!!!

"Gone are the days when any sitting president can be tele-guided, because we have all come of age"

By Femi Fani Kayode, Media and Publicity Boss of the PDP Campaign Organisation, in response to former President Obasanjo's comments and attempts at controlling President Jonathan.

Cholera Ravages More Children In Epidermic

Some states are at this time, still battling with the increasing cases of Cholera outbreak in their jurisdictions. Currently, the worse affected states are Bayelsa, Anambra and Rivers States.
This current outbreak has once gain bring to the fore the lack of a healthy environment and clean, potable water to the larger segment of the society.

Question of the day!!!!

The photo shows a pregnant woman and her unborn child. But take a good look at the spinal cord of mother and child!! The question is: DO YOU THINK THE SPINAL CORDS ARE PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER??? Yes or No, with reason for your answer!

LEPROSY; A Disease Worse Than Others

In church today, the sermon dwelt on issues, topical issues. The priest (for I am a Roman Catholic) centered his sermon on a leprosy and lepers as in the bible. At first I got the whole analogy he tried to make; trying to let us know of the deprivation and neglect a leper suffers; but all that is regained in Jesus Christ who truly liberates us from our limitations.

 But while he spoke, I kept thinking of the reason for the actions that the early Jews took. Leprosy makes a person unclean and that person is cast out of society until wholeness is regained. A leper had to announce his entrance into any place by ringing out loud a bell tied to his waist. It was that bad.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

10 Tips For Exercise Success

Exercising is a serious matter and must be taken seriously. Doctors sometimes recommend exercise as therapy in the treatment for some conditions. It would make sense if we get it right whenever we are involved in this business of exercise.

Sokoto Med Students Get Scholarship

The Minister of State for Health and Supervising Minister for Health, Dr. Haliru Alhassan, has awarded N6 million personal scholarship to over 300 students in medical and veterinary studies at the Usmanu Danfodio  University, Sokoto. The scholarship also covers some students in the School of Nursing Sciences.

Sierria Leone Cannot Account For Ebola Fund - Report

Culled from Punch News

Sierra Leone’s Auditor-General’s report alleges that the government could not account for nearly a third of the $20m earmarked for fighting Ebola in 2014.
The report which was released on Saturday in Freetown indicated that bad governance might have hindered the battle against the epidemic.
The Auditor-General’s Office in the country said the report looked at 19.5 million dollars that government set aside for fighting the hemorrhagic fever from the start of the outbreak between May and October, 2014.
It noted that most of the money came from tax revenues and donations by domestic institutions and individuals.
It said the funds were mostly disbursed on personal protective equipment, medical supplies, consumables and bonus payments to healthcare workers.
The report said it found that more than $5m from the government’s emergency health response account had no supporting documents to substantiate how they were spent.
It said a further $7m spent from the same account had missing receipts and invoices.
“Monies that have been set aside for the purpose of combating the Ebola outbreak may have been used for unintended purposes, thereby slowing the government’s response to eradicate the virus.
“There continue to be lapses in the financial management system in Sierra Leone and these have ultimately resulted in the loss of funds and a reduction in the quality of service delivery in the health sector,” the report said.
It said more than 10,000 Ebola cases had been reported in Sierra Leone since May 2014; making it the hardest hit country in what is the worst recorded outbreak of the disease.
Earlier this week, Sierra Leone said it had cleaned up a list thought to contain thousands of “ghost workers” on its Ebola staff.
Government also promised to prosecute those who sought to swindle money from the government.