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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saint Thomas Aquinas Feast: Madonna University Agog

The Madonna University Elele Campus, is set to celebrate the St. Thomas Aquinas Feast.
Saint Thomas Aquinas, one of the Doctors of the Church, is the Patron Saint for Students.
The Celebration which is being hosted by the Saint Thomas Aquinas Board of Lectors would have in attendance the cream de la cream of the university community. The society being in  science campus have its members from various departments like public health, medicine and surgery, nursing, microbiology and others.

The programme starts by 12.00pm and promises to be interesting and entertaining with lots to eat and drink. Photos of this yearly event coming soon!!!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Strike: The bickering between JOHESU and NMA deepens

Hmmm... There seems to be no end to the protracted problem between members of Joint Health Sector Union and members of Nigeria Medical Association. It has actually degenerated to physical battles, having started as a little misunderstanding.
 The punch newspaper paints the story well.Read recent activities between JOHESU and NMA here..
God save our health care sector from final destruction.

Now the professional exams are over, we wait!!!

As it stands now, every other thing do not seem to matter until the result for the just concluded 4th MBBS is released. This is particularly so considering the way the clinical aspect of the exam went.

There were account of candidates actually weeping because they feel that they did not do well. Some others went into that same room and came out rejoicing. I have always known that this kind of exam is purely subjective, never objective, depending on the mood of the examiners.

Emergencies: St Nicholas in Search of Accident Victim Relatives

I saw this St. Nicholas Hospital tweet. The hospital is looking for the relatives of this man involved in a Road Traffic Accident. Road Traffic Accident is a one of the leading killers of young men and women. It could happen in a split second and the consequences quite disastrous.

Do reach the St Nicholas Hospital if you know this patient in question. Let's drive safely!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Man Reportedly Jumped Over into Water From 3rd Mainland Bridge This Morning!

Eye witness account that a man jumped over the rail of the 3rd mainland bridge this morning after pulling over and alighting from his toyota Sienna.

Worldwide incidence of attempts at committing suicide is more on the female gender than the male gender. But it's proven that the incidence of death from committing suicide is more in the male gender than the female gender.

Hopefully relevant government agencies will give us the true picture of all that transpired leading to this sad act.

Medical Blogs: The Next Level

The blogging atmosphere in Nigeria is so thick and vibrant. Many Nigerians blog about a lot of issues from personal living to faith-based issues to entertainment. These sub-sectors are so well above others on the blogosphere. One sub-sector that is still creeping behind is the medical/health sector.

With the increasing health needs of Nigerians accompanied by rising sophistication of health delivery processes, there is need to bring that perfect, issue-based blog that would meet the needs of Nigerians. Doctors Quarter's Blog (being the first wholly medical blog) seeks to bridge this gap. We offer professional advice and counselling service on different issues.

What do you expect of a medical or health blog? Send your comments on how you feel this blog should function and we would implement it while recognising every contributor.
Reach me on

Which is it? Aerobics or Weights!!

Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that involves rhythmic movements with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness.
Weight lifting focuses on muscle build, increasing the tone, size and strength of particular muscle groups.

Which is it for you? Aerobics or Weight-lifting and Why?

Expensive Drugs Linked Patients Speedy Recovery

Clinical experience can be fun and sometimes unassuming, especially when some attitude of patients become illogical. How can you explain the fact that a woman refuses to leave the clinic unless my consultant prif possiscribe drugs that may not be of any use to her?

At other instances, some patient would return to the clinic complaining that the hospital pharmacy sold less expensive drugs to them, since they bought that same prescription in their last visit at a higher cost.

A man actually thought the more expensive analgesics prescribed for his condition did the magic!!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

DQB Personality Of The Week

The Doctors Quarter Blog Personality for this week is Rev Fr. Prof EMP Edeh, for his role in the building and dedication of a world class Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre in the Madonna University Teaching Hospital, Elele, Rivers State Nigeria.
You need to visit this facility and see it for yourselves, I was impressed and could not believe this could ever happen here in Naija. The facility is gargantuan, with world-class equipment. We truly need more like this in our country. Hope to bring exclusive picture of the facility.
See photos of our personality for the week;

Friday, 23 January 2015

Ben Carson: Ahead of his Peers.

Dr Benson Carson, 63, retired neurosurgeon and a popular figure in the medical world is set to be the second African-American President of the United States of America after President Obama's tenure expires.
Though he is from the outskirt of electoral politics, as he has never run for any office before now, he may be taken as a day-dreamer. I believe Dr Carson, will give his fellow contenders a run for their money. Being a doctor of many firsts, he surely has substantial name identification. He can raise money from his grass-root followers. His poverty to prominence story is very compelling.
Above all he has long started his campaign, since last year, with his contenders at party level, just warming up to begin their campaign.
   Keep your fingers crossed people, for he might just emerge with the prize in hand.

Cancer Cases On The Rise in Nigeria.

This was the submission of a Professor of Radiotherapy and Oncology at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Aderemi Ajekigbe. He was speaking at the 21st Inaugural Lecture of UNILAG, thursday.

The lecture titled "Cancer: The Unwanted Guest That May Visit You", raises an alarm on the rising incidence of cancer in developing countries, like Nigeria, due to poor state of health facilities, poor funding of cancer care, late diagnosis and detection of the disease.
Prof Aderemi said , “More than 40 per cent of cancer occurs in women. Breast and cervical cancer are the commonest forms of cancer and they occur in women. That is why every woman should examine her breast regularly. Cancer can happen to anyone but it does not have to be a death sentence if it is detected early.”

Between Physicians and Surgeons.

Her random blood sugar level showed a sudden spike, unexpected but true. The consultant of my unit instructed the senior registrar on call to get a consultation from the 'medical people', before she is wheeled in for surgery. The myomectomy operation had to wait till we get the opinion of the medical experts.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

List of Approved Medical Schools In Nigeria

Some DQB readers have been asking to know the schools approved by government for the study of medicine and surgery for undergraduate programme. I saw this list on a government approved site and I believe it would be of benefits to all JAMBites seeking admission for the study of medicine and surgery here in Nigeria.
     On the list of schools with complete accreditation are just 2 private universities - College of Medicine, Madonna University and Igbinedion University. Hope this list serve it's purpose.
There it is!!!

Bird-Flu: Getting Near-Epidermic State..

No need to panic yet people on this bird-flu outbreak, for it is not an epidermic as at the time of this report. Official statement from the federal government on this outbreak started in Lagos and Kano states Read what you must know about Avian or bird flu.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Official: Ebola Outbreak Ends in Mali

The Government of Mali and the World Health Organisation announced the end of ebola in Mali on the 18th of January, 2015. This comes a few months after her southern neighbour, Nigeria, was declared free by WHO. It is a major feat and a pointer that Africa, or west Africa in particular is winning the this war.
Minister of Health and Public Hygiene,
Mr Ousane Kone (middle)
Congrats to Malians and her intetnational partners, for the successive achieved.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Put headlight off while reversing - #FRSC

I saw this on the facebook page of FRSC and the first point got me wondering!!! PUT HEADLIGHT OFF WHILE REVERSING?!! Please if you understand this point do share with us, especially me. Information is power!!!

Acute Renal Failure Ravages Younger Nigerians

A nollywood prolific actor passed on yesterday. So sad. Sadder still is that Muna Obiekwe, vibrant and promising as he was, was killed by Acute Kidney Injury (old name - acute renal failure). Acute Kidney Injury, AKI, was before now not so common among younger Nigerians (or maybe it was common but was never reported). Available data and first hand experience from my centre and other medical centres across the country seems to suggest that, acute kidney injury is taking out more and more younger Nigerians.

Acute Kidney Injury is an abrupt loss of the kidney function that develops within a few days.
There are basically 3 types based site of pathology;
1) Pre renal AKI
2) Intrinsic AKI
3) Post renal AKI

Commonest causes within our environment and age bracket of Muna includes, heart failure, liver cirrhosis (due to chronic alcohol consumption, hepatitis etc),renal artery stenosis, thrombotic events in renal artery and others.

Prevention of this condition includes getting a regular check-up for those particularly predisposed, early diagnosis and treatment, good diet, exercise, and proper health campaign for this increasing condition.

Do you have puffy eye just after waking up, or you are not passing urine normally (that is reduced volume or reduced frequency), or you notice your legs (or your whole body) is swelling? Then you must see a medical doctor fast because these are tell-tale signs of Acute Kidney Injury.

I truly pray that God grant Muna's family the fortitude to bear this loss. May his soul rest in the bossom of the Lord!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Avian Influenza Disease Lands in Lagos, Kano.

There was a press conference organised by the Ministry of Agriculture. There the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Akinwunmi Adesina oke the news of recent outbreaks of Bird flu in certain poultries in Lagos and Kano states. He agrees that the disease is under containment and some samples initially sent to the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom in Plateau state, is now enroute to the international Reference Laboratory in Padova, Italy, for confirmation of the exact strain.
Below are things you should know about this Bird Flu:

Are These Cancer Result Truly For Gen. Buhari?

I have always thought that a man or woman who have seen over 70 christmas days should be well contented with life and seek to be on a comfortable retirement plan. But when I saw a medical report on social media alleging that Gen Mohammedu Buhari have been diagnosed of prostate cancer, I was saddened. Why? This is because at his age he should be better off outside the political brouhaha.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Dental Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria releases List of Training School

1. Federal School of Dental Techology & Therapy Trans-Ekulu, Enguu.
2. Nigerian Army School of Medical Sciences Ojo Cantonment, Ojo Lagos.
3. Shehu Idris College of Health Science & Technology, Makarfi, Kaduna.
4. School of Health Technology, Daura , Katshina State.
5. School of Health Technology, Club Road, Kano.
6. School of Health Technology, Tsafe, Zamfara State.
7. North-South College of Health Technology, Igbonla Road, Ajase-Ipo, Kwara State.
8. College of Health Sciences Zuwan, Jos, Plateau State.
9. Lagos University Teaching Hospital School of Basic Studies, Idi-Araba.
10. School of Health Technology, Ogbai-Otuogidi, Bayelsa.
11. Rivers State College of Health Sciences & Technology, Port Harcourt.
12. Pogil College of Health Sciences & Technology Oke-Eri, Via Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.
13. Miliennium College of Health Technology, AAYE Community Layout, Oda Road, Akure, Ondo State.

14. Ondo State College of Health Technology Akure, Ondo State.
15. Fabotas College of Health Technology Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.
16. Osun State School of Health Technology, Ilesha, osun State.
17. Kwara State School of Health Technology, Ojuku Toad, Offa, kwara State.
18. School of Health Technology, Jahun, Jigawa State. 
19. D.F School of Health Technology, Kaduna, Kaduna State.
20. Womenhood School of Health Sciences, Kaduna, Kaduna State.
21. Ogun State College of Health Sciences, Ilese Ijebu, Ogun State.
1. Any School not on this list is not under the supervision of the Board.
2. No other Training School is permitted to train Dental Nursing Cadre presently except Lagos University Teaching Hospital Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba. 
3. Any school not on this list that is involved in training Dental Therapists, Dental Surgery Assistants are training illegally and producing quacks.
4. College of Health Technology, Ille-Ife (Foreign Link Campus) is not accredited to run Dental Nursing Programme.
5. The HND Certificate in Dental Nursing issued from College of Health Technology, ile-ife (Foreign Link Campus) is fake 
A.A.Keshinro (Mrs.)
- See more at:

Facts you may never have known about Tuberculosis

Do You Know That:
1) Tuberculosis is the 3rd highest infectious disease causing death after HIV/AIDS and Malaria.
2) One-third of the world's population are infected with tuberculosis.
3) 10-per cent of people have the disease.
4) Tuberculosis is a chronic condition with aerosol transmission as primary means of transfer.
5) The basic screening test for this disease is the Mantoux test.
6) But the Gold standard for diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis is Sputum culture.
7) Congenital tuberculosis is diagnosed using the Cantwell Criteria.
8) Directly Observed Therapy Short Course (DOTS) is a treatment modality for prevention of resistance.
9) DOTS is the only effective strategy in controlling tuberculosis on a mass scale.
10) If in active Tuberculosis, a pregnant woman is never to take streptomycin because of feto-ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Saving Lives of Mothers

According to the Millenium development Goal 5; to improve maternal health, it is necessary to know those proven ways to save a pregnant woman's life.
WHO sent this pictorial representation;

Pregnant women should use seat belt - FRSC

FRSC tweeted this and I thought you should read it.
Seat belt use is effective and evidence based.

Ebola to end as soon as possible - WHO

The three countries hit hardest by the Ebola epidemic have recorded their lowest weekly number of new cases for months, according to the World Health Organisation.
As the global death toll reached 8,429 out of 21,296 cases reported so far, Sierra Leone and Guinea both saw the lowest weekly total of confirmed Ebola cases since August 2014.
Liberia, which reported two days with zero new cases last week, had its lowest weekly total since June, WHO said on Wednesday.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon previously said the epidemic could be over by mid-2015 but WHO is now declining to set a specific timeline after having been proved wrong on previous predictions.
“WHO hopes Ebola ends as soon as possible in all three affected countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea,” Winnie Romeril, WHO spokeswoman, told Associated Press news agency.
“WHO is not predicting how soon Ebola will end as it would take every community to use the facilities and resources available to them.”
She said getting to zero cases will take time and effort that includes immediate treatment of patients and dignified, safe burials of the dead.
Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma predicted this week that his country would be Ebola-free by WHO standards by May.
By WHO standards, a country cannot be declared Ebola-free until it has registered no cases for 42 consecutive days.
Culled From Punch Newspaper

Igbinedion University Students Sent Packing From State Medical School.

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole today gave an executive order stopping the training of nursing students from the Igbinedion University at the state owned medical facilities, the Benin General Hospital and the Stella Obasanjo Hospital.
According to reports, the governor is angry at the school’s management for collecting money from their students and not providing the necessary medical facilities for their training.

The students had up until now enjoyed free training at the state owned medical hospitals despite paying huge sums of money to their school for their training. Gov Oshiomole had earlier terminated an agreement with the management of the school to train their medical students at the state’s specialist hospital over debts totaling N350million owed the state by the school.

Insecticide resistant mosqitoes

I saw this on punch newspaper!! What happens when mosquitoes become resistant to insecticide treated nets. Just imagine it.

GEJ commissions cenotaph for soldiers killed by BH since 2011

A cenotaph, an empty tomb erected in honour of a group of people whose bodies are elsewhere, was built at the National Military cemetry in Abuja.
President Jonathan, today, commissioned the cenotaph in Abuja in remembrance of our fallen heroes, our military men and women, who were killed in North-East while fighting the Boko Haram from 2011 to 2014. See more photos below;

More Caeserean Sections Done in Brazil Than Anywhere Else

Caesaerean Section is a surgical procedure where an anterior abdominal incision is made to deliver the fetus to the outside world. This is like the opposite of vaginal delivery.

In Brazil, the rate of Caesaerean section being done is on the rise. The World Health Organisation recommends that C-section delivery rates are no higher than 10 to 15 percent of all deliveries.
Brazil, with a rate of 52 per cent of births as revealed by the Ministry of Health, is calling it a 'C-section epidermic'.
 The South American country is set to launch a crackdown on this epidermic.

The main reason for C-section epidermic is because a Brazilian woman is concerned with her sexuality and harbour fears that giving birth will alter the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus), which is a myth.

The country's Minister of Health, Arthur Chioro, called the country's obsession with C-section a 'public health problem'.

Is this a case of promotion of gender equality and women emancipation?!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Energy Drinks Are A Waste Of Money - New Study Claims

This is truly a damning report ooo!!!
A research report by university academics have said the many benefits being claimed have no foundation in nutritional science. What??!!
This group of drinks is still being patronised by young people who believe contain other added nutrients, most commonly Vitamin B6, B12, C and niacin.

But with the possible exception of Vitamin C, most young adults are already getting their daily recommended levels of these nutrients anyway, said researcher Naomi Dachner.

So when next you are going to drink that mineral water or energy drink, do know that you are really not gaining much from such drinks, because you have enough of those nutrients in you.

"Burn The Excess Off"- Lady Gaga

From Dailymail

See 28-year-old pop star deep in her exercise. She posted this picture on her instagram.
'Starting my day off feeling strong, gotta sweat out the whiskey from last night's jam session', she posted.

Keep on with your exercise regime. It pays!!!
Lady Gaga spotted drinking her favorite liquor at the Fashion Media Awards, 2013

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Medical Students, Nursing Students, Pharmacy Students and Other Allied Health Students Laments!

I spoke to some of my colleagues working in Federal Teaching Hospitals across the country and the reply is deafening: Despair, hopeless situation!!

This JOHESU is turning to be a waste of time and human resources. I really don't like going into the web of reasons for the strike by health workers. It can be very depressing. But what is certain is that this over 60-day old stike should come to an end.

The Brighter Side Of Avocado Pear.

Avocado Pear is quite unique of all fruits. It has a unique shape, taste and could be incorporated into the diet of lovers of avocado. There is more to Avocado Pear than meets the eye.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

National Immunization Programme.

Heard two mothers talking seriously about the potency of vaccines given to their babies.
Some regions in Nigeria still frown at this fundamental life-saving campaign.
Do you still harbour fears or concerns as to the potency or the effectiveness of vaccines for its use as prophylaxis for vaccine preventable disease?!

Then feel free to ask any questions on DQB, by sending in your comments and we will answer it in 24-hours.
Immunization programme has saved millions of lives, yours should not be an exception!!!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Madonna University Resumes From Holiday Today!

The weather was so clement today. This saw thousands of students resuming for another semester of academic work, after a long holiday. This year, students at the citadel of learning seem to be happy resuming (a big shift from previous resumption days).

Bags upon bags were hurled onto waiting buses that would convey the students to their respective hostels. Madonna University runs a system that see all students staying on campus.
Some medical students are particularly happy to be back to the college of medicine. John, a 400-medical students simply puts it as, "I miss my books".

Welcome to all madonna university students and especially to all medical students. Have an fruitful, eventful semester!!!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Harmattan and Your Health - By Dr Emmanuel Toochukwu

The climate, of all the environmental factors, is the most important, affecting health indirectly through its influence on plants,
animals, insects and microbes, and directly by taxing the body’s physiological reserves. It controls the growth and distribution of
microbes and insects that may transmit them or may act as pests. Thus wealth, nutrition, education and development, and their
interaction with health, depend to a large extent on climate. Harmattan according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the
English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000, may have originated from the Arabic word: HARAM, which literally means; the evil thing.
This origin may not be unconnected with the adverse effect of this weather especially in the Sahara. The Harmattan is a dry and
dusty wind blowing northeast and west off the Sahara into the Gulf of Guinea between November and March(normally) . It is
considered a 'Natural Hazard'. On its passage over the desert it picks up fine dust particles to neighbouring countries, including
Nigeria. The effect caused by the dust and sand stirred by these winds is known as the Harmattan Haze, and costs airlines millions
in cancelled and diverted flights each year.
The Harmattan, despite its adverse health effects, is not without some health benefits to man. For example, the low temperature
associated with
it is unfavourable for breeding of mosquitoes thus reducing the incidence of malaria.
The eyes are directly exposed to the harsh weather especially the dust particles carried by the wind. Thus itching, foreign body
sensation and redness
may be common especially in individuals with allergic eye disease. Proper eye hygiene in form of washing with clean water, reduce
exposure to dust and protective spectacles, are advocated. The respiratory system, because of its direct communication with the
atmosphere, is heavily and badly affected. The respiratory tract has got a defensive mechanism that stops harmful particles in the
air from getting to the lungs. This defense may however be overwhelmed by the concentration of the pollutants in the atmosphere,
depending on the health status of a person
or owing to a small sized particles that escape entrapment. The resultant effect is damage to the system predisposing to infection.
Excessive sneezing, cough and catarrh are some of the symptoms common to most people. The Harmattan period is not the best of
weathers for people with pre existing chronic chest infection. Worthy of mention
is Asthma, a chronic (long- term) disease that makes it hard to breathe due inflammatory congestion in the lower respiratory tract.
These groups of patients should pay special attention to their health, taking all possible and practicable measures to reduce exposure
to the dusty atmosphere in addition to having their inhaler with them all the time. The epidemic of meningococcal meningitis usually
experience between February to May in the ‘meningitis belt’, northern Nigeria inclusive, is an aftermath of Harmattan. The dry, cold
and dusty wind associated with Harmattan also triggers sickle cell crises in affected individuals. Sickle cell anaemia to recall is a
disease in which the red blood cells become sickle under a condition of low oxygen tension leading to blockage of small blood vessels.
The reduced blood supply to the tissues results in pain especially from the bones. The blood oxygen is usually reduced in extremes
of temperatures, cold in this case. ‘Sicklers’ as patients are often referred to, should be vigilant and keep warm as much as possible
to prevent crises. Because of the dusty atmosphere, there is need to imbibe healthy food preservation culture especially food
hawkers such as fruits and soya sellers to prevent food born diseases. Fruits and vegetables should be properly washed before
eating. Our drinking water containers should also be properly covered. The Harmattan is a natural hazard that we have to contain
with. That not withstanding, man’s alteration of his natural environment, help fuel these natural hazards with attendant health
consequences. Desert encroachment by human activities in form of deforestation must be discouraged by the relevant authorities. It
is not enough to observe ceremonial tree planting campaigns yearly without devising a means of nurturing them. Alternative means
of fuel such as coal would go a long way in reducing the societal demand for fire wood for cooking. Environmental sanitation and
enacting and enforcing laws to regulate environmental pollution from industrial bye products
are all measures that will minimize the adverse health effect of this natural hazard. Indeed, there is no weather that would fully be
accepted by all humans no matter how favourable it is. God in his wisdom alternate weathers to suit all His creatures and not only
man. Our challenge is to live to adapt to the not too favourable weather by adopting personal and collective measures to maximize
the health benefits accrued to it and minimize the opposite.
...I wish you a Healthy and Safe Harmattan period!.

10 Steps To A Successful Breastfeeding.

In 1992, the WHO and UNICEF came up with a Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI). The fulcrum of this initiative is to encourage women to always breastfeed there babies optimally, even up to 2-years of age. YES!!! You heard me right. This initiative is for both the health facility and the nursing mother.
 Here are the 10 Steps;

1) Health Facility should have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all health care staff.

2) Train all health care staff in skills necessary to implement this policy.

3) Inform all pregnant women about the benefits of breastfeeding.

4) Help the mothers to initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of delivery or within 6-hours for babies who were delivered by caeserean section.

5) Show mothers how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation.

6) Give Newborn infant no food or drink other than the breastmilk, unless otherwise said by the doctor.

7) Practice rooming-in to allow mother and child be together for 24-hours of the day.

8) Encourage mother to feed on demand.

9) Do not give artificial teats or pacifiers (also called dummies or soothers) to breastfeeding infants.

10) Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support group and refer mothers to join them on discharge from the clinic.

Obey these 10 steps religiously and see your baby grow optimally.
For any questions, you can always reach me!

WHO: Ozone Cannot Cure Ebola!!

Some people want to bring back the dark days, when every other substance can cure Ebola. Some have said salt have the potency to completely destroy Ebola. Others can swear that the cure lies in the sand of the earth. The latest is Ozone!!!

FRSC Fire Alert!!!

Carrying Containers of Fuel on a Journey? Who does that in this time and age?!!
Let heed their warning ooo!!!

Election Year: What I Expect To Happen!!

Politicians are trotting the length and breadth of our dear country, massively campaigning for the vote and trust of Nigerians. Promises are flying up and down. Our dear President is billed to be in Lagos to seek the trust and vote of the resident of the region. The news portals are awash with so much that we forget what was said the previous day. But I believe it is simple. Action should match words.

Muslim Cleric Rapes 22-year old Girl, Shaves her Pubic Hair

Imam Rabiu Abdulquadri
The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a Muslim cleric, Rabiu Abdulquadri, for raping a 22-year-old girl named Elizabeth after which he shaved her pubic hair and collected her nails in order to prepare a favour charm for her in his house in Abule-Ojo, Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, Ogun State.
It was gathered that the Muslim cleric often referred to as Imam had approached Elizabeth at about 8:30 PM on Sunday, December 28, 2014 on her way back from work at a roundabout in the Ofada area of the state, claiming he saw a vision about her.
Abdulquadri popularly known as Alfa Cisse, was said to have ordered her to join an on-going prayer in his mosque before he could reveal the vision.
Punch reported that Elizabeth, who claimed she succumbed to Alfa Cisse’s bidding unconsciously, said he took her to his apartment after she dropped her luggage at home.
During the night, Abdulquadri allegedly asked her to pull off her clothes which she eventually did before he shaved strands of hair from her head, armpit and private parts and subsequently raped her.
He dismissed her later and asked her to return the following day and pick the favour charm.
The victim who narrated the incident on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 said, “He and some clerics prayed for me. In the night, he woke me up, collected my nails, hairs and slept with me not minding my menstrual discharge. He said he would use them to prepare a charm for me to get favour.

“I did not realise what I was doing until the next day when I returned home and my sister scolded me for not sleeping at home. That was when it occurred to me that I had been used.
“He even demanded more hairs when I got there the following day. Since then, I have been feeling weak and I can’t sleep in the night.”
The victim’s uncle, Mr. Oluwaseun Idowu, said he had spent a lot of money on the victim, whose health condition deteriorated after the incident.
Idowu said he eventually located the Imam’s house after which policemen from the Owode Police Division arrested him and took him to the station where he admitted shaving the victim’s hairs but denied raping her.
Confirming the incdent, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said, “The suspect was paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, today (Wednesday).
He will be charged to court soon!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hydrocephalus: Do Not Be Callous Please

On that day, I was making my way to the clinic from home in a haste, for I was already way too late for the clinical review. Just at the junction right before the taxi would make a right turn to bring me onto the hospital grounds, I saw this distinctive massive head on a child not more than 5years.

Ebola Drug Under Trial.

I had to ask around from competent sources and sweep the Internet for this information, though not exhaustive, is a work in progress. The Ebola drugs you are soon going to read here may not be exhaustive, as more pharmaceutical companies work hard to get the vaccine/cure for Ebola.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

An Ankle Sprain From Soccer.

I love to watch a football match. It could be so refreshing especially when I am the winning team.
This was my usual mood, a couple of weeks ago, when a player with jersey number 03 fell to the ground after a tackle by an opponent. That was obviously a foul kick, but player number 03 was still whining in pains on the green pitch. I prayed he does not suffer an ankle fracture; it was an ankle sprain.

Story: It Took 12 Doctors To Solve The Mystery of My Tingling Fingers!

My fingertips started tingling like they were waking from a deep sleep. The sensation, a slight pins and needles feeling, wasn’t painful but persistent enough that I knew it meant something.
I didn’t have a doctor so I picked one off my insurance provider’s website and went to see her. She spent five minutes with me before referring me to a neurologist, who gave me 15 minutes of his time and attention.
The neurologist ordered some expensive tests and sent me on my way. A few days later, when he had the test results, he called me at home to deliver the news. No small talk, no comforting, and no questions. He led with a bold declaration, “multiple sclerosis,” and added that if I wanted to talk about it I could come see him.
He gave me life-changing news as if it were nothing. My body; however, knew otherwise. The tingling, once subtle and contained, quickly gained volume and size until it was a full-body, full-throttle experience.
I wanted to learn more so I went to his office. He called me Jody and I called him Doctor. He wore a crisp lab coat, while I tried not to cry. To him there wasn’t much to talk about. I only had one choice to make and that was the choice between four similar drug protocols.

‘More of an Art Than a Science’

I went home, cried, panicked, talked to friends, and cried some more. Eventually, days later, I started to remember things I once knew. I remembered that people often seek second opinions and that a white coat doesn’t make a man infallible.
In medicine, like the rest of life, mistakes are not impossible. Studies show that as many as 20 percent of all diagnoses are, in fact, misdiagnoses. And multiple sclerosis presents specific challenges. The disease manifests in dozens of different ways and there is no definitive test. Experts I later spoke to told me that MS is a clinical diagnosis — meaning the doctor must spend time examining and interviewing the patient — and more of an art than a science.
At first I thought my only choice was to take one of the drug options presented to me. I started researching the drugs and what I learned scared me. The odds of them helping — about one in three — were smaller than the odds of them hurting. The list of potential and unwanted effects included headaches, nausea, and liver failure.
Terrified, I found another doctor for a second, third, and then a fourth opinion. By the end of my journey I had seen 12 different doctors. As I went from one to another and another, touring the American medical landscape, I was told I had nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, and depression. It didn’t seem possible that I had all these things at once.
The tingling never grew worse and no new symptoms appeared. I let go of my panic bit by bit. I collected information in pieces, a little here and a little there. I was on a treasure hunt, gathering the clues that would explain the tingling, rule out MS, and give me back my perfect health.

Navigating the Doctor-Patient Divide

As I learned about the human body, I also learned about doctors. Some, it seemed, preferred to talk about test results than talk to or about me. Others, like the first neurologist, didn’t mention non-prescription options.
Fortunately though, every conversation was different. During some of these conversations, the rigid doctor-patient divide fell away and I felt a human connection. In the best conversations, there were two adults in the room who respected on another. One, the doctor, had a wealth of knowledge about bodies in general and the other, me, had a wealth of information about one specific body: mine.
In these conversations, each of us could ask and answer questions, confident that the other had something valuable to contribute. Together, we could start to see a more complete picture of what was happening to create the tingling sensation.
I traveled the country talking to doctors and ultimately, I found two who were nearby and whom I could trust. One is an osteopath who is well-versed in systems thinking and the other is a physician who also trained in ayurvedic medicine, a holistic system of healing.
With each of these doctors, I was able to relax and learn. Together, we devised a plan which included an elimination diet. I’d been tested and was told I didn’t have celiac disease but when I avoided gluten for several weeks and reintroduced it, my body responded poorly. I have what’s officially and awkwardly called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The tingling, which the first doctor believed to be a sign of MS, is a fairly common symptom of gluten sensitivity.
I stopped eating grain-based protein and my doctors coached me to breathe more, stress less, and exercise differently. I changed my diet and my lifestyle, and I healed.
I wouldn’t suggest my path through a dozen doctors is the right one for anyone but me. It was a very long year. At the same time, the relationship you have with your doctor is so critical to healing. I believe that each of us on the patient side of the divide can decide what type of relationship we want and we can work on finding it.
I like to think that everyone can heal but I don’t know if that’s true. I know; however, that I started to heal in small and powerful ways when I started engaging in the conversation with my doctors and making choices that worked better for my body.

Between Cold Weather and Catching a Cold.

Sneezing, coughing, rhinorrhoea are associated with catching a cold. But do they have any link with cold weather. Do every cold weather you experienced translate to you having a cough or sneezing.
For a long time, this has been a myth. But a new study finds otherwise!!!

Monday, 5 January 2015

USMLE; Tetralogy of Fallot

I just love the way USMLE tweet some conditions with codes that are easy to recall.
See Tetralogy of Fallot;
Do you know that Tetralogy of Fallot is the commonest cyanotic heart disease after infancy?
On Xray film, the heart appears like a boot-shaped heart in this condition?
On the average, most medical student would, initially,get the spelling of this condition wrong. Instead of 'Tetralogy of Fallot', they would spell 'Tetratology of Fallot'

If this was your experience as a medical student, send in a "Yes" comment!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tonto Dike Shows Love To Children at Hospital

Nigeria's multi-talented Nollywood actress takes her love to The Children emergency ward of the Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. This is under the auspices of her Foundation, as part of her Nigeria Charity Tours. See more photos below

ULSME: Read and Learn

Horner syndrome, simply put is a group of symptoms that occur due to damage of the sympathetic trunk. The symptoms components are majorly as stated in the tweet above.
Horner's syndrome is also known as Bernard-Horner's Syndrome or Oculosympathetic palsy.

USMLE: See and Learn

Secondary Amenorrheoa, is the absence of menses for a period greater than 6-months in a woman who has menstruated before.
Commonest causes in tweet by USMLE!!!